Everybody has something to protect.

That's why we've combined advanced encryption technologies with unbeatable ease-of-use for a comprehensive data protection system like no other.

You don't need more technology to keep the bad guys out.

Protecting data at rest with VIDA means that even if someone finds a way inside, they wouldn't be able to see, steal, or act on anything valuable.

Keep your data private, no matter where you store it

Whether you save files on your computer, on a company server, or in a public cloud, VIDA makes it easy to keep data safe, secure, and totally private.

Start protecting your data like you mean it with VIDA

Privacy for all

Effortless AES 256 and RSA protection for every major platform

Device-based protection

Harness the power of all of your devices for maximum protection

Decentralized architecture

No direct access to private keys, no single point of failure for attack

Evolve beyond passwords

Better technology means better security with fewer risks

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Password-free peace of mind

Let's face it, nobody likes dealing with passwords. That's why we created VIDA from the ground up to provide industry-grade data protection without the need for traditional authentication using usernames, passwords, or one-time codes. If you can click and tap, you're good to go.
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Privacy in the cloud comes standard

VIDA doesn't just protect data on your computer, it also enables you to safely keep your protected data in sync with major cloud storage services.
Works with
Many digital security platforms are complicated to implement and tedious to maintain. VIDA for Enterprise integrates with Active Directory to make deployment and device management a breeze.
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Customer Data
Financial Reports

Everybody has something to protect.

Proposals & Contracts
Quarterly Reports
Tax Returns

Find out why VIDA is the simpler, faster, safer, better, smarter, easier, stronger
way to protect your data at rest

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